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What would happen if you had a tight deadline to finish a major job? Suddenly, a hydraulic line on your equipment ruptures. Then you find out the hose was not available immediately and will take several days or even weeks for delivery. And you can’t afford the downtime waiting for the delivery of a new hydraulic hose.

When the new hose finally arrives, it has the wrong fittings Resulting in even more extended downtime.

What if there’s a company with the correct hose with correct fittings? Imagine that company has properly equipped mobile units for on-site service. Now imagine the mobile technician making a custom hydraulic hose for your equipment if needed. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Well, there is such a company in the twin cities area. This company has mobile units strategically located throughout the region. But this company also has walk-in stores in Bloomington, MN, and Rochester, MN. That company is Custom Hose Tech.

Name Brand Products

Custom Hose Tech carries several name-brand hoses and fittings. Brands such as:

  • BrakeQuip
  • Atlantex
  • GK Fittings
  • Fittings Unlimited
  • Brennan Industries
  • Ultra Clean Tech
  • Air-Way
  • Adaptall
  • More

In-Stock Hoses

Custom Hose Tech carries hydraulic hoses to meet your needs. Whether you need a:

  • high-pressure braided hose
  • high-pressure multi-spiral hose
  • suction hose
  • forklift hose
  • 10,000 PSI jack hose
  • or another hydraulic hose

Custom Hose Tech most likely will have the hose you need. We’ll fabricate one for you if we don’t have one in stock.

Custom Made Hoses

We can make you a hose if we don’t have the proper hose in stock, and we can create custom hoses with metric or American fittings.

Preventive Maintenance

You can take advantage of your equipment’s idle time to take advantage of our preventative maintenance program. We can coordinate the time for the work on your equipment.

Preventive maintenance keeps your equipment working correctly, and it does this by finding and fixing potential problems before they happen.

Metric Advantage

Suppose your equipment requires metric fittings, Custom Hose Tech stocks various metrics. Our knowledge of metrics gives us a competitive edge, as we can service equipment from foreign manufacturers.

Complete Hose and Fitting Service 

Unlike our competitors, Custom Hose Tech has the most complete package of hose and fitting services in Minnesota. No other company can provide the same level of quality products and services guaranteed.

Mobile Service 

(Only Available In the Twin City Area)

Our fleet of mobile units can build the largest hydraulic hoses at your location.

Our technicians can remove and replace a hose or fitting that has failed with our fully equipped mobile units. Or, if you prefer, they can supply the parts to your technician.

Our mobile services include:

  • Emergency field service (usually within 1 hour)
  • On-site capabilities range from 1/8 inch ID to 2 inch ID, 6,000 PSI hoses, fittings, and quick couplers.
  • Bin filling
  • Prototyping
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Regular hours 8am-4pm
  • One hour or less
  • The customer receives an accurate ETA when they call.
  • We have strategically placed multiple mobile service trucks throughout the Twin City area. Our technicians can remove and replace up to the largest hydraulic hoses on location.
  • Our technicians have numerous years of experience replacing hoses on all types of equipment.
  • We offer excellent service at a fair price and only distribute the highest quality products.
  • More

When a hydraulic hose or fitting fails, you want it repaired as soon as possible. Go to Custom Hose Tech, your one-stop-shop, instead of going from shop to shop looking for the correct part.

Whether you need an off-the-shelf or a custom-made part, we can handle your needs. We have both American and metric hoses and fittings, and we can go to your site in the Twin City area with our mobile units.

You can help prevent hydraulic problems with our preventive maintenance program. Contact either of our locations in Bloomington, Minnesota, or Rochester, Minnesota.

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