When You Need Hydraulic Hose Fitting Conversion

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When You Might Need Fitting Conversions

Hydraulic hoses do many wonderful things for industries. However, they are only as useful as their fittings. Fittings ensure that the hoses connect to the things that they need to in order to move fluids without leaks, and doing this can require conversion fittings and navigating different metrics. After all, the fittings need to fit together seamlessly in order to do their job. There are times when making sure that happens can require extra work.

Hoses have to be a certain length in order to do their job, and sometimes that length becomes longer. Companies find it cheaper at that point to buy an additional hose and connect it to the end of the old one. If the new hose you find doesn’t have a fitting that matches the ends of the old one, the ends have to be converted to something that does fit so that they connect. Not getting the fittings to match can lead to leaks as their connection won’t be secure.

Other times, the demands on the hose change. You might need to hook up a different hose, equipment or component because you change fluids or pressure requirements in your process, and the hose that is rated for the different requirements has a different fitting than the component or equipment that they have to hook up to.

It might also be that your old connections have worn out. This is an opportunity to make all your hydraulic hoses fit together even more smoothly by converting them all to one type of fitting.

Conversion Adapters

One way to convert fittings is to use conversion adapters. While the SAE, International issues standards for the performance of hoses and fittings, they don’t have any control over the inner workings of them. This leads to fittings of many sizes and shapes being in use.

This is ok when you have to fabricate a hose from scratch to meet your needs. You have a wealth of pieces to choose from and are bound to find something that fits what you require. The problem is that when your hose needs repair, it can be hard to find the pieces that fit your old construction. This can mean using conversion adapters, which are specialized fittings that connect pieces that are from different countries.

Conversion adapters can come in many shapes. They can be orings, flareless, or flare. They can be male or female, and they can come in straight or bent. The important part is that they go on one hose end fitting in order to change it so that it fits into another, possibly new, hose fitting.

How Custom Hose Tech Can Help

Our company has been in the hydraulic hose business for years, and we specialize in non-standard parts, custom applications, and proprietary adapters and hose fittings. This means we have a lot of experience in figuring out your measurements and how to convert your fitting so that it will fit your needs no matter what type of equipment you are using.

We also work with dozens of other companies that provide every type of metric. This allows us to use whatever metric your company requires.

Making fittings that are customized to the customer’s needs is something that we specialize in, and that includes making conversion adapters so that they fit with your particular hose. We might also have what you need for a smoothly operating hose in our walk-in store, or we can create it at your business by our teams of mobile technicians.

Custom Hose Tech makes customized hose fittings for industries in Minnesota, and we pride ourselves on our reliable mobile services, small batch reproductions based on fittings customers bring to us, and our wide range of available fittings in our walk-in store. When your business needs a customized hydraulic hose fitting, contact us.

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