We specialize in unusual metrics, non-standard hoses, and fittings

At Custom Hose Tech, we specialize in unusual metrics, non-standard hoses, and fittings. We take pride in developing partnerships with our customers to be their single-source solution to deliver every custom hydraulic hose fitting need. With our large mobile fleet, we can be onsite with the expertise for any applications, critical applications included.

Forecasted Growth for the Industrial Hose Market

It’s a dynamic forecast, found on MarketsandMarkets, reporting that “the overall industrial hose market is likely to grow from USD 12.8 billion in 2019 to USD 17.0 billion by 2024.” While it’s great to see the automotive industry is one to realize steady growth, it’s extremely exciting to learn the “increasing modernization of agricultural processes are expected to provide growth opportunities to players in the industrial hose market,” with our state’s dedication to farming.

The Forecasted Boost in Agriculture

Today’s global freight industry allows the United States to be a key player as “agriculture is the solution that can feed a growing planet,” as quoted on Food Business News. An eye-opening statistic reported in this article substantiates the expected growth in the agricultural industry.

“Right now, we have 7.5 billion people on the planet. By the year 2050, we’re going to be approaching 10 billion people.” While this is expected to drive the growth, it’s also expected to “substantially increase our agriculture productivity, and we need to do that through innovation.”

For Minnesota, the trade wars are having a direct impact on farming. After solidifying a deal, the expected growth should begin to be in production.

Minnesota’s Farming

As reported on MPR News, Minnesota remains one of the country’s top agricultural states, even as the number of farms continues to decline.” To make a positive out a negative, while Minnesota’s farm count is reported to be declining, it also reports that farm sizes are increasing.

Referring back to the Food Business News’ mention, “we need to do that through innovation,” it appears that Minnesota farmers are taking action. Just recently, Twin Cities Business reported that Minnesota farmers are beginning to see “it’s possible to take advantage of market niches,” as they “seize innovation opportunities.”

Minnesota’s Automotive Excitement

While Motor Vehicle and Parts Dealers do not contribute a high percentage to Minnesota’s economy, as reported on Minnesota State CAREERwise, our state welcomes the annual consumer show, as NBC2 reports. Innovation is definitely bringing yearly excitement with fascinating new technology to the automotive industry. The Twin Cities Auto Show announces that it’s adding “the National Truck Summit to its annual March 2020 event.”

Custom Hose Tech: The Twin Cities’ Complete Package of Service

Whatever industry, the team at Custom Hose Tech is proud to offer its complete package of services in Minnesota when it comes to the industrial hose industry.

  • Large Mobile Fleet
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Pickup and Delivery Service
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Experts in Unusual Metrics
  • Special, One Year Warranty
  • Preventive Maintenance Program

Don’t Neglect, Let Custom Hose Tech Inspect

It’s easy to forget or neglect inspection of hydraulic hoses when the demand for meeting production quotas requires equipment to be on the move. With the forecasted growth, take advantage of Custom Hose Tech’s Preventive Maintenance Program, and never worry about worn, cracked, or crushed hoses.

Cold weather is now upon us, and it’s a time of year that can be harsh on hydraulic systems. It’s time to check hydraulic components for wear and tear, with obvious tears and cracks.

We’re fully-equipped, and we’re ready to help your operation take on the cold and the forecasted growth. Don’t be left in the cold from hydraulic hose neglect, call the team at Custom Hose Tech to inspect. It is an honor to partner with you.

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