The Crucial Role of Correctly Clocking Angled Hydraulic Hose Crimp Fittings


In the world of hydraulic systems, every component plays a vital role in ensuring optimal performance and safety. One such crucial component is the hydraulic hose crimp fitting. These fittings connect hoses to various hydraulic components and are essential for transmitting fluid power effectively. While proper installation is crucial for any hydraulic hose assembly, it is particularly important to correctly clock angled hydraulic hose crimp fittings. In this blog, we will delve into the significance of proper clocking and the benefits it brings to hydraulic systems.

Understanding Angled Hydraulic Hose Crimp Fittings:

Angled hydraulic hose crimp fittings are designed to accommodate hose assemblies in applications where space is limited or where hoses need to be routed at specific angles. These fittings provide flexibility and enable hydraulic systems to function optimally in confined spaces or complex routing environments. However, to ensure their effectiveness, it is essential to install and clock these fittings correctly.

What is Clocking?

Clocking refers to the orientation or positioning of the fitting once it is crimped onto the hose. In the case of angled fittings, clocking is of utmost importance due to their specific design. These fittings have a predetermined angle, which allows for proper alignment and routing of the hose. Correctly clocking the fitting ensures that the hose can be properly connected to the hydraulic component without any undue stress, bending, or potential damage.

The Importance of Correct Clocking:

  1. Optimal Flow and Performance: Properly clocking angled hydraulic hose crimp fittings ensures a smooth and unobstructed flow of hydraulic fluid within the system. Incorrectly clocked fittings can lead to restricted flow or turbulence, negatively impacting the performance and efficiency of the hydraulic system. By clocking the fittings correctly, you allow for efficient fluid transfer and reduce pressure drops, thereby maintaining optimal system performance.
  2. Minimized Stress and Strain: Hydraulic systems often operate under high pressure and experience constant movement, vibrations, and temperature fluctuations. Correctly clocked fittings help in minimizing stress and strain on the hose assembly. Improper clocking can result in excessive bending or twisting of the hose, leading to premature wear, leakage, or even failure. By aligning the fittings correctly, you ensure that the hose assembly experiences less strain and has a longer service life.
  3. Enhanced Safety: Safety should always be a top priority in hydraulic systems. Incorrectly clocked fittings can create hazardous situations, such as leaks, bursts, or even disconnection during operation. These incidents not only pose risks to personnel but also result in downtime, increased maintenance costs, and potential damage to equipment. Properly clocking the fittings mitigates these risks and enhances the overall safety of the hydraulic system.
  4. Improved Serviceability: Hydraulic systems often require periodic maintenance, inspections, and repairs. By correctly clocking the angled hydraulic hose crimp fittings, you make it easier to access and service the components. It saves time during routine maintenance and minimizes the chances of damaging other parts of the system when working on the fittings.


Clocking angled hydraulic hose crimp fittings correctly is crucial for maintaining the integrity, performance, and safety of hydraulic systems. By paying attention to this seemingly small detail, you can ensure optimal fluid flow, minimize stress on the hose assembly, enhance safety, and improve serviceability. Remember, the devil is in the details, and the correct clocking of fittings is no exception when it comes to the smooth operation of your hydraulic system. So, take the time to do it right, and your hydraulic system will thank you with reliable and efficient performance.

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