Save Time, Money, and Inventory with Mobile Hose Service

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It never fails, does it?  You are out at the job site after hours and all of a sudden you are facing an equipment failure.  Your hose has busted and you do not have a spare.  If you call your office, no one will be there to answer the phone.  You are on a deadline that cannot be missed.  But there is nothing else to do but wait until in the morning for the office to be open.  You send your crew home or they sit idle. Your purchasing agent will have to find an in-stock hose, order it, and either wait for delivery or someone will have to go pick it up.  Someone will have to come out to the site where the equipment has set all night and bring tools and repair it.  So, meanwhile, your crew sits idle.  You have enlisted someone in purchasing to get the part ordered.   You have waited for the part to be either picked up or delivered, and your mechanic has taken the time away from the shop to install it.  And the biggest thing:  Your crew has set idle.  Lost productivity and missed deadlines.  Labor costs escalated.  Frustration.  Sound familiar?

What would you say if we told you there is a local service, that is mobile and has the hoses and fittings available, even after hours?  A service that can custom fit hoses and fittings and would help cut your down time drastically.

At Custom Hose, we can do just that.  We have an entire fleet of mobile trucks throughout the Twin Cities area and our technicians are available 24/7.  We can usually be at your job site within an hour and we always give you an estimated time of arrival when you call.

Some of the availability on our trucks is:

  • On site capabilities range from 1/8 in ID to 1 1/2 in ID 6,000 PSI hoses, fittings and quick couplers
  • Service technicians that are experienced and familiar with your equipment

And if you would like to set up a preventative maintenance program with us, our mobile trucks can come to your location on a appointed basis.  We offer bin filling and prototyping as well.  These scheduled maintenance visits would be during regular business hours and may reduce the chances of needing emergency repairs to be done.  Contact us for more information.

Do you have extra large hoses or fittings that you thought you could only get from the manufacturer?  We may be able to help with that.   Our wide selection can often save you money and time.

Carrying inventory on hoses and fittings can be timely and expensive.  Someone has to manage stock and replenishment and it still seems like you never have that part you need, when you need it.  With Custom Hose, you get what you need within one hour of the time when you need it.  Our technicians have multiple years of experience replacing hoses on all types of equipment. We offer great service at a fair price and only distribute the highest quality products  Check out our website for the brands that we carry.

In any industry, labor costs are one of your largest expenses.  In order to keep productivity at the highest, labor costs at the lowest, and to minimize equipment failures, come by and visit us or contact us today to get started.

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