Save Time and Money with Custom Hose Tech’s Mobile Services

Reduce Downtime with Preventive Maintenance by Custom Hose Tech

Downtime doesn’t stop operating costs from continuing. The longer the downtime, the more reduction in profits. As we all know, the best way to prevent unexpected downtimes is to integrate a routine, preventive maintenance (PM) plan.

“Lack of maintenance of hydraulic systems is the leading cause of component and system failure, yet most maintenance personnel don’t understand proper maintenance techniques of a hydraulic system,” as stated on As the article states, you need “reliability,” and you need “corrective maintenance.” If you are experiencing hydraulic failures, causing excessive downtime, analyzing the cause is an efficient way of preventing recurring downtime.

Custom Hose Tech offers the reliability and corrective maintenance you need to keep your hydraulic equipment running. We can deliver this vital service right to you. We’re the experts, we’re always mobile, and we can handle your PM services. It’s what we’re highly-trained to do.

FREE Pick-up and Delivery Services by Custom Hose Tech

Why spend valuable time that equates to money when traveling for hydraulic hose replacements? Another way we offer timesaving, personalized service to our customers is with our FREE pick-up and delivery services. Call us at 952-888-5580. We will be there to pick-up your tagged hoses. We fabricate, retag, and the hoses will be back to you in no time. Take advantage and save time.

Emergency Services by Custom Hose Tech: Extensive, Fast and Personal

Even with routine preventive maintenance, the unexpected can still happen. We’re always ready for emergencies.

Our Emergency Services are Available Day or Night

Our mobile units are located all around the Minneapolis, St. Paul, and nearby areas, and we make it our mission to reach our customers within one hour. No matter the time of day or night, we mobilize 24/7, 365 days per year. Let us slash your downtime.

Our Mobile Operation is Equipped with the Best

Our technicians and mobile units are educated and equipped, respectively, with the latest technologies. We make it our goal to be the premier hydraulic hose company, and we are the specialist when it comes to unusual metrics and non-standards hoses and fittings.

Our Commitment to Reliable and Quick Repairs

At Custom Hose Tech, we know that downtime is never what industrial operations want. That’s why we have an extensive fleet of high-performance mobile units equipped with our expert, hydraulic hose technicians. Our technicians arrive in a fully stocked mobile unit with everything our customers need, inclusive of hydraulic hoses and fittings.

Our Customer Service Includes Doing the Job Right

We make it our priority to know our customers so that we can deliver exceptional and personal care. Once our technician reaches a customer’s location, the goal is to assess and confirm the problem as quickly as possible. We make it our business to be ready to do the work right.

Our Technicians Handle Fabrication and Installation on Site

When it’s a hydraulic hose failure, the technician can custom fabricate what is needed and immediately install the replacement hose assembly. Our technicians never leave before making sure our customers are back up and running as expected.

Let Custom Hose Tech Do the Time

At Custom Hose Tech, we have the technicians, we have the training, we have the products, and we have the mobile fleet to help your operation save time. Let us take the time needed, traveling to you, performing preventive maintenance, and quickly delivering emergency services whenever necessary.

Become one of our customers and experience our time-saving services. We have what it takes to deliver the best in customer service with our exceptional mobile fleet. We’re here to save you time and deliver the best in service and repairs.

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