Quality Hydraulic Hoses Imperative for Minnesota’s Mining Industry

Quality Hydraulic Hoses

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The team at Custom Hose Tech has everything you need when it comes to hydraulic hoses. We have the experience and the knowledge you need when you have unusual metrics requiring non-standard hoses and fittings. We also carry multiple lines of quality hoses, fittings, and quick couplers from well-known manufacturers in the industry to meet all of our customers’ needs.

Precious Metals Mined in Minnesota

If you’re a fellow Minnesotan, you are most likely familiar the mining industry is to our North Star State. Minnesota’s Department of Natural Resources explains the types of metallic and industrial minerals that mining projects have discovered throughout Minnesota. Our state is rich in natural resources as found on Minnesota Mining reporting the abundance of “copper, nickel, and other precious metals.” Advanced technology will allow extraction of these valuable minerals in more responsible ways. Different types of hoses are necessary for the different kinds of mining.

The Mining Industry Depends upon Quality Hydraulic Hoses

Found on Processing, “HOSE CHALLENGES IN THE MINING INDUSTRY” BY Hoback, B., and Lark, J. (2018, July 11), reviews the importance of the mining industry to use the highest quality hoses inclusive of hydraulic hoses. The Mine Safety and Health Association (MHSA) has requirements regarding acceptable hoses to include fire criteria. Certain Parker-Hannifin and Ryco Hydraulics hydraulic hoses are reported to be some of the acceptable products. We carry hydraulics hoses manufactured by these two manufacturers.

Abrasion is a continual, troubling factor that can lead to severely damaged hoses requiring a sleeve to help avoid abrasion. Manufacturers have produced the necessary hose covers to address severe abrasion. We have protective sleeves in our inventory.

Hydraulic Hose Checklist to Ensure Safety and Avoid Downtime

No matter the quality of the hose, foreign matter can hinder the performance. A detailed review found in MRO, reports how a small piece of “slag” can cause extreme problems and also outlines a checklist that should help prevent leaks and damage. As machinery ages, quality hydraulic hoses are imperative for efficient operation.

  • Routine inspections of hoses, seals, and piping should be written to outline a thorough evaluation.
  • Follow-up should be done post any installation projects after a period of use to validate all connections are secured with no leaks.
  • Complete stock of 100% compatible replacement parts whenever hydraulic hose replacements are done on-site.
  • Stock any additional parts that are prone to wear and tear such as clamps or hose retainers.
  • Stock-based on a “criticality ranking” to ensure you have the necessary hoses that cannot be replaced by less quality-made products.
  • Understand the results of substituting piping with hoses.
  • Record keeping of fluid added is imperative to realize leaks.
  • Before dismantling failed hose, documenting layout with pictures will allow for quicker assembly.
  • Vendor-provided O-ring kits should be kept in stock.
  • Properly install fittings to “avoid twisting and over tightening.”
  • “Do not install hoses with compound bends.”
  • Safety should be a vital consideration, and this article recommends several safety measures to follow.
  • Precise and accurate work is a must when replacing hydraulic hose and components.

Parker Hannifin with 100 Years of Experience

Parker Hannifin celebrated its 100 years of business in 2017 specializing in motion and control technologies. Part of Parker Hannifin’s product lines is its hose, piping, tubing, and t-slot framing division. We are proud distributors of Parker Hannifin hoses, and we highlighted all the great qualities this organization builds into their products in an earlier post.

If you’re one of those people that love to be in-the-know, it’s not a “mystery” to learn how to make hydraulic hoses. Parker Hannifin shares exactly how they manufacture their hydraulic hoses with precision and quality.

  • The inner tube must be manufactured with material that is compatible with the intended chemical fluid.
  • The hose reinforcement gives the hose it’s “strength and the ability to hold pressure.” This layer varies depending upon the pressure rating required.
  • The layer stock bonds the hose reinforcement layers.
  • The hose cover is the outer component for protection.
  • The layline identifies the specifics of each hose: “purpose, pressure rating, manufacturing plant, date code, and any other pertinent information regarding this particular hose.”

As you will discover, every manufacturer has their unique recipes for manufacturing their hydraulic hoses. Parker Hannifin is dedicated to the latest research and development to produce high-quality hoses.

Engineering News announced Parker Hannifin’s new hydraulic hose at the beginning of 2018. The “GlobalCore 187 high-performance hydraulic hose, a 7 MPa/1 000 psi constant working pressure hose” was introduced. This innovative product was designed to address the demands of “high-pressure hydraulic systems, including rigorous mining applications.”

RYCO Hydraulics with 70 Years of Experience

RYCO Hydraulics, originating from Australia with several North American locations, also has an extensive line of hydraulic hoses for the mining industry. They are also dedicated to quality components to meet the extreme requirements of many industries.

To better meet the high standards required for mining applications, RYCO has its MegaSys hydraulic hoses as discussed in Australian Mining. “Colour coding coupling: Gates discusses MegaSys hydraulic hoses” by Australian Mining Staff (2018, June 28) reports the importance of using hydraulic hoses and couplings produced from the same manufacturer. The MegaSys hydraulic hoses help to reduce failures caused by incompatible parts.

  • An exact fit helps to avoid “even a slight variation” that can lead to a “significant reduction in hose assembly life.”
  • The “integrated solution that reduces the complexity of fabricating hydraulic fluid systems.”
  • These hoses are worthy for use in the mining industry “due to their tight bend radius, which cuts down on hose length and allows for increased flexibility of use.”

Custom House Tech Delivering Quality Products and Service

Custom Hose Tech has built its business around the quality products it is dedicated to delivering to every customer. Our full-service, walk-in store in Bloomington, Minnesota is your one-stop shop. We know how important it is to many of our customers that they have access to parts and service at all hours. We have mobile units working 24/7, and these units are fully equipped to deliver everything our customers need. We’re here to keep you working, and we value your business. Call us when you want quality hoses, fittings and more with dependable and quick service.

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