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Custom Hose Tech is proud to provide a complete walk-in service and on-site mobile service 24 hours a day for all of your hose and fitting needs while you wait, and we have a wide range of quick couplers available at our store. Quick couplers can significantly reduce the need to close control valves, as well as the necessity to purge and bleed a system whenever a change-out is required. Quick couplers are also known for their convenient working functions as “quick-connects” or “quick-disconnects.”

Labor and Production Savings With Quick Couplers

Quick couplers can reduce production costs significantly by allowing quick changes without losing fluids. They save on labor because they don’t require tools or expertise to connect machines to their fluid supplies. They provide a cost-effective way to reap savings in any work environment where air, control, or lubrication lines run to various locations. Pneumatic tools can be plugged in quickly as they are needed, and production lines can avoid costly shutdowns which occur when manual connections have to be made with threaded fittings and tools on hydraulic and lubrication lines.

Aside from service shops and manufacturing applications, quick couplers are used extensively in the transportation industry. Semi-trailers use quick couplers to connect airbrake hoses between the tractor and its trailer, as well as railroad cars.

By removing the need for more complicated shutoff valves quick couplers also save space and make system maintenance safer and simpler. They prevent leaks and spills, as well as loss of product and their simple pop-in/pop-out operation doesn’t require special skills or tools. Special thread-to-connect couplers provide enhanced reliability for higher pressure operations. Personnel can be quickly trained in the use of any style quick coupler with a simple demonstration.

Anytime a connection needs to be changed frequently, for example, once per week or more, quick couplers can be the most cost-effective option with the added benefit of enhanced safety. Let’s take a look at the variety of quick couplers we have available at Custom Hose Tech.

Flush Face

These hydraulic quick couplers are rated for up to 4,568 psi and are commonly used for skid-loader and construction equipment attachments, industrial hydraulic lines, and coolant and drain lines. Parker and Couplamatic are among the industry-leading brands in our inventory of flush face quick couplers.

ISO Series A

ISO series A quick couplers are designed for medium pressure hydraulic applications up to 3,620 psi. Maximum working temperature is 230 degrees (F). Rigid mounting allows convenient one-hand operation of the push-pull connection. The ISO Series A is commonly used on agriculture and construction tractors.

ISO Series B

ISO Series B are available in brass or stainless steel for pneumatic and fluid handling applications. They require a two-hand operation but provide the benefit of high flow rates against a low-pressure drop. ISO Series B quick couplers are particularly suited for 1450 – 3620 psi applications. They’re used in industrial hydraulic lines, food and chemical processing, water and coolant lines, cleaning equipment, as well as for steam and some gas systems.

High flow Wing Nut

These thread-to-connect couplers are the best choice when a high flow flush valve and connect under pressure is needed for pressures up to 3,000 psi. They’re often found in use with submersible pumps, oil field equipment, and bulk liquid transfer systems in sizes ranging from 3/4 to 1-1/2″. Specialized high-flow wing nut couplers are also available for CO2 transfer applications. The Parker 6100 series brand features low spill flush valves with a bonded valve seal to ensure reliability under full pressure connect and disconnect. A connection indicator groove on the nipple body removes any doubt about when the connection is complete.

The High Pressure Connect Under Pressure

The oil and gas industries operate applications with system pressures of 10,000psi, with intermittent surges up to 17,000 psi. For these demanding conditions high-pressure-connect-under-pressure quick couplers are the solution. The thread to connect fittings protect against accidental disconnection. The Parker 1141 Stainless Series features a polyurethane seal which resists abrasion and an exterior sleeve cover which visually confirms a complete connection.

Test Port and Diagnostic Quick Couplers

Mechanical gauges and specialized diagnostic equipment including test instruments, transducers, and flow sensors can be quickly connected with quick couplers at full pressures. The Parker PDP coupler features push to connect function with 6 pounds of force required to connect at 6,000psi. The coupler base is then turned manually to open the nipple valve which completes the connection. The coupler base blocks the retracted sleeve to prevent accidental disconnection. Gauges and transducers return to zero when the coupler is disconnected.

Pneumatic Quick Couplers

These are couplings for easy pneumatic connections of air tools, hoses, or other implements to compressed air supplies up to 300 psi. These easy to use couplers are the manual sleeve single shut-off type often found in automotive and service shops which use a variety of pneumatic tools such as grease guns, cleaning equipment, spray paint applicators, and drop-down air lines at various work stations. The ability to switch out tools quickly as needed throughout the shift places pneumatic quick couplers at the top of the list for increased productivity.

Quick Couplers and More at Custom Hose Tech

Quick couplers are an important solution to increase productivity while enhancing safety in the vast majority of commercial, agricultural, and industrial operations. The Parker and Couplamatic brands are just two of the industry-leading suppliers available at Custom Hose Tech. We also carry hoses and fittings from top brands including Volvo, Lull, CAT, Kubota, Komatsu, Linkbelt, Case, Dynapac, Fuchs, Grove, Hitachi, Liebherr, New Holland Clark, Toyota, John Deere, Terex, Pioneer, Stucchi, Ryco, Holmbury, Weatherhead, Gates, Adaptall, and Fittings Unlimited. You can view the extensive list of our hose and fitting inventory at this link.

Our walk-in store at 9323 Garfield Ave. S., Bloomington, MN 55420 is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. Custom Hose Tech also provides onsite mobile service 24 hours a day 7 days per week to keep your operation up and running. Our large fleet of mobile units are strategically located throughout the Twin Cities for the promptest emergency response, usually within one hour. We also offer preventative maintenance programs to avoid problems before they occur so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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