Maintaining Reliability on Komatsu Machines: Komatsu Genuine Hydraulic Hoses

The Komatsu Group

Komatsu was founded in 1921 and has since established itself as an international leader in the field of industrial, mining, and utility equipment. The company has a diversified inventory of products ranging from forklifts and forestry to tunneling and recycling equipment.

Komatsu machines function in demanding industrial environments and reliable hydraulic systems are a prime requirement to productively meet those demands. When corrective maintenance is required Komatsu strongly recommends that Komatsu Genuine hydraulic replacement hoses are used to maintain the high Komatsu standard for reliability and equipment integrity.

Komatsu Genuine Hoses

The best way to minimize downtime on your hard working Komatsu machine is to use high-quality Komatsu Genuine hoses. Komatsu manufactures their genuine hydraulic hoses to the highest Komatsu Engineering Standard (KES) to minimize downtime, maximize profitability, and most importantly ensure operator safety.

Durable Hose Material

Hydraulic hoses can take a beating in the course of a normal workday in the demanding environments where Komatsu machines find themselves. When you’re operating in mines, construction, or the forestry industries abrasions on equipment is inevitable, including the exposed hydraulic hoses.

The constant flexing required of the hoses on hydraulic excavators and wheel loaders needs to be accounted for at the engineering level to minimize downtime. In the forestry industry fellers, feller bunchers, and forwarders are especially subjected to abrasions while handling rough timber. It’s obvious that low-quality hydraulic hoses in any of these working environments can bring production to a standstill.

Komatsu Genuine hoses feature a special outer coating which is specifically engineered to optimize abrasion resistance. Komatsu enhances hose durability with evenly spaced steel wire reinforcement within the hose wall. The special outer covering and steel reinforcement increase the hose’s operational flexibility by improving the minimum bend radius.

Komatsu Hose Fittings

Komatsu engineers design each hose fitting based on the performance demands of the hose application. For high-impact and vibration applications, fittings are specifically hardened to stand up to those conditions. Komatsu uses an Inertia Welding technique in the manufacturing of KES fittings which results in 100% contact area for butt welding.

This high-tech process results in a high-quality fitting which is free from gas porosity, slag inclusion, and segregation, any of which could be causes of premature fitting failure. Komatsu fittings are all designed and manufactured to withstand any mechanical human error which might be caused by the rush to get a machine back on the line.

All Komatsu Genuine Hose fittings are manufactured with extra high-strength to prevent stripped threads or cracking in those cases where they may be hurriedly over-tightened in the field. Of course, you can always ensure that new hoses are expertly and properly installed every time by calling our mobile assistance service at Custom Hose.

Komatsu Hose Assembly Process

Replacement O-rings are included with each new Komatsu hose assembly, so that’s one small but important part detail you won’t have to worry about overlooking when you order your Komatsu Genuine replacement hoses. Another concern is small debris or contamination in the hose after manufacturing. Komatsu ensures that each new hose assembly is contaminant free with a specialized cleaning procedure after the manufacturing process.

Once a new hose assembly is through the meticulous KES cleaning process it is individually capped to preserve its contaminant-free condition. Then the new hose is immediately bagged and clearly tagged to simplify reordering as needed to manage equipment maintenance and your spare parts inventory. Komatsu Engineering Standard assembly techniques apply traceability of all products and components used in the manufacturing of each new hose assembly for the highest quality control.

Komatsu Maintenance at Custom Hose Tech

Preventive Maintenance Service

One of the most effective ways to keep your Komatsu machine downtime to a minimum is to prevent hydraulic hose failures before they occur. If you have a Komatsu machine which is on inactive status you can take advantage of our Preventive Maintenance program to ensure that it’s in prime condition when you need to return your machine to operational status.

In their online document Genuine Hydraulic Hoses, Komatsu advises that a hose audit by a trained technician can capture hoses before they fail at the time when you need your machine the most. At Custom Hose Tech we make it easy for you to take advantage of a machine’s inactive status. We offer flexible preventive maintenance scheduling with special labor rates, product discounts, and free service calls.

Mobile Service Available 24 Hours 7 Days A Week

Even the best maintained hydraulic systems are prone to failure from time to time. High operating pressures and heavy-duty workloads stress all the components to their limit and failures can happen at the most inconvenient times, usually when your machine is working its hardest. When hoses or fittings fail you need to get them replaced quickly and you need the job done correctly the first time.

At Custom Hose we have a highly trained staff of expert technicians on call 24 hours a day 7 days per week to deal with hose failure emergencies throughout the Twin Cities. We can handle repairs from 1/8 ID to 2 in. 5,000 psi hoses as well as fittings and quick couplers. Our technicians have many years of experience replacing hoses and fittings on all types of hydraulic equipment. What may be a major repair project for your crew is all in a day’s work for our hydraulics experts.

At Custom Hose we provide walk-in service at our store in the Minneapolis area, as well as strategically located mobile units throughout the Twin Cities for onsite repairs. Along with the Komatsu Genuine Hose line, we are also distributors for Volvo, CAT, John Deere, Case, Hitachi and many other hydraulic equipment manufacturers. We also specialize in custom fitting and fabrication for unique applications, so don’t hesitate to contact us for all of your hydraulic hose and fitting needs.

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