Komatsu Hydraulic Hose Fittings and More at Custom Hose Tech

At Custom Hose Tech, we make it our business to carry quality hoses, fittings, and quick couplers from various manufacturers. One of those quality manufacturing companies is Komatsu America Corp, a subsidiary of Komatsu Ltd. A name well-known and respected worldwide, Komatsu is a leader for manufacturing construction, mining, and compact construction equipment.

Komatsu America Corp. Across the United States

From proving grounds to manufacturing to part operations, Komatsu America locations across the United States are spectacular operations. There is a lot of exciting news about Komatsu America Corp.’s engineering and innovation.

It’s exciting to see the news about “Komatsu and Proterra collaborate to develop all-electric construction equipment.” The hydraulics for electric construction equipment will be different from fuel-powered equipment. Hydraulic hoses will be carrying different types and varying volumes of lubricants in EVs.

Komatsu Supports the Equipment it Manufactures

With almost a century of dedication and innovation, Komatsu is a trusted name. When you’re a Komatsu customer, we are part of their parts and service program. We’re here to support your Komatsu equipment with the hydraulic hoses and fittings you need to keep your earth-moving business working.

“‘Genuine hose assemblies are the exact replacement option for hose assemblies installed on new equipment. Hoses must be capable of handling extreme pressures and temperature extremes to ensure proper machine function. Hose assemblies are critical to the hydraulic system and must be maintained regularly and monitored for any signs of wear. A hose failure can turn into a component failure or cause machine down-time.'”

Custom Hose Tech Carries Komatsu Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings and Offers Much More…

Now, with two Minnesota locations in Bloomington and Rochester, we offer a complete package of services to help you keep your operation flowing to mitigate interruptions due to hydraulic hose failures. Our technicians are highly-qualified with the experience and the knowledge you can depend on for the best service.

– Custom Hose Pickup and Delivery Offers Convenience

Let our company get you your hydraulic hoses and fittings you need. Use our pickup and delivery service, and you don’t have to waste time in transit.

– Our Custom Hose Tech Mobile Service Offers Multiple Savings

Time is always of the essence, and time is money. Our mobile service is a convenient service for our customers’ convenience. Let us handle the hydraulic hose replacements and repairs. With our mobile service operation, our customers never have to worry about stocking up on excess inventory.

– A Custom Hose Tech Maintenance Plan Mitigates Downtime

The best way to keep your operation running is by implementing a maintenance plan with us at Custom Hose Tech. We know that it’s imperative to work around our clients’ operation schedules. We work closely with our clients to coordinate the best time for your technician to perform hydraulic hose maintenance.

Custom Hose Tech Keeps Up with Komatsu Equipment Innovation

As stated in the Engineering News article, “‘Tribology and lubricants will remain relevant and important regardless of the increase in EVs on the road,” notes Erdemir. “After all, they all rely on moving parts such as bearings and gears to operate reliably and efficiently.'”

Whatever Komatsu equipment your operation runs, you can depend on us at Custom Hose Tech to carry everything you need for your hydraulic hose and fitting needs. Our capabilities and services offer a complete package that will help you run your operation with efficiency.

Come in for a visit, or call us to set up a visit for a thorough inspection of your hydraulic operations. Once you partner with us, you will quickly realize all the benefits we offer to all of our customers. We are your single-source solution when it comes to hydraulic hoses and fittings.

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