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‘Industrial hose’ is a broad term within the hose industry that refers to any type except metal, Teflon, hydraulic, and composite hose. However, people outside the industries who don’t deal with hoses regularly often refer to any large or heavy-duty hose as an industrial one.

People usually know what purpose they need an industrial hose, such as in a brewery or to convey chemicals. This way of thinking directs them to request a specific type of hose designed for this use rather than just an ‘industrial hose.’

If you compare most manufacturers’ catalogs, you’ll find that their industrial hose offerings have remarkably similar layouts. Though this can be helpful when deciding between manufacturers, it can also be overwhelming when confronted with hundreds of pages of options.

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Custom Hose Tech provides a diverse range of couplings, quick-release couplings, hose fittings, adapters, and connectors used in end-equipping rigid pressure line pipelines or flexible hoses. These products are necessary to connect the elements of an installation.

Other elements, like industrial valves, open and close or control the flow rate. Clips, clamps, and crimping ferrules help to mount the fittings onto hoses. Other assembly clips and clamps attach pipes and hoses to a base structure. The vast majority of these industrial fittings work under pressure and in direct contact with a medium – they’re subject to mechanical and thermal loads and corrosion from external operating conditions.

Different industrial fittings are made from carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, and polypropylene. They come with different seals depending on the intended purpose. Some of the essential elements are:

  • For example, standard industrial and loading/unloading couplings
  • If you need a safe and reliable way to transport water, fuel, or chemicals, consider using a tank wagon, CAMLOCK or IBC.
  • PERROT and BAUER lever couplings are significant for water transportation in the construction and agriculture industries.
  • All sectors of the industry widely use threaded and flange couplings.
  • We offer specialized loading/unloading, dry disconnect couplings, and emergency breakaway couplings for fuel and chemicals.
  • We offer a wide variety of pipe connectors and fittings made from cast iron, brass, and steel.
  • The hygienic couplings in stainless steel, such as DIN 11851 and TRI CLOVER, are perfect for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Oil and gas extraction couplings, such as HAMMER LUGs.
  • Couplings for water and air applications, sandblasting couplings.
  • Swivel joints are used whenever there is a need for rotary movement or oscillation between elements of an installation.
  • Quick-release couplings do just as their name suggests–they quickly connect various parts of your desired installation. Whether you need it for water, injection molding, pneumatics, or fluids, quick-release couplings can be fitted for various purposes.
  • ball valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, check valves, solenoid valves, and safety valve
  • clips, bands, and ferrules for attaching crimping fittings in hoses.
  • special attachments that allow you to put fittings on industrial hoses.

Our industrial fittings can withstand the pressure of several bars. If you’re seeking something that can take more strain, check out our website for more.

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