Hydraulic Hoses, Fittings, and Mobile Repair in Rochester, MN

At Custom  Hose Tech, we understand the key role that hydraulic hoses play in industrial applications and commercial applications. As a trusted hydraulic hose supplier in Rochester, MN, we house a wide range of products from the world’s top manufacturers. With our skills and expertise, we will always help you choose the right hose or fitting for every application.

With every product, we will take into account the length of the hose and the inner/outer diameter to ensure you receive the best hose or fitting for your needs. Our expertise in the industry allows us to understand how each part will be applied and utilized, advise our customers on the right type of fitting, and deliver the value our customers need. Once our technicians discuss a specific hose or fitting with you, we will provide you with high-quality parts that will meet your needs.

Hydraulic Hose Repair

It does not matter if you need an emergency hydraulic hose repair or a routine repair that will include couplers, protectors, adaptors, etc., the Custom Hose Tech team consists of dependable and skilled hydraulic repair experts. With our services, we specialize in reducing your equipment downtime and your operating costs.

Hydraulic Fittings

Our technicians offer on-site services for any fitting configuration problem you may have. Regardless of the type of hose fitting you have, our trained technicians will work with any fitting to ensure they are working properly. When you reach out to Custom Hose Tech, our experts will perform an inspection of your system before we offer a solution.

Mobile Hose Service

Custom Hose Tech provides fast and reliable hydraulic hose replacement and industrial hose repair service in the Rochester area. Our accurate ETA on-site hose service is available 24/7. Our mobile service repair is a solution that will minimize downtime and eliminate the need for you to leave your job site or facility just to locate a new hose. When you make the call to Custom Hose Tech, you will immediately get a trained technician and a fully stocked mobile truck with high-quality hydraulic hoses and hydraulic fittings at your job site.

Preventative Maintenance

As part of our continued commitment to deliver exceptional service in Minnesota, we offer a preventative maintenance program. Our technicians are always available to install, repair, or service your parts and components. Our preventative maintenance program will allow you to focus on meeting any goal or deadline you have set. At Custom Hose Tech, we can work around your team and with your team to ensure every piece of equipment returns to working order with minimal downtime.

Our on-site services include(but are not limited to):

  • Pickup and delivery of hydraulic parts and components
  • Troubleshooting and diagnosis of your hydraulic systems
  • Replacements

Pickup & Delivery

Our in-house repair department will focus on scheduling times that will work best for our customers. Our technicians are well-equipped to pick up and deliver your hydraulic hoses, fittings, and other components. Our quoting system will allow for a quick and accurate diagnosis and fast pickup of broken hoses, fittings, and components. Our team will address your needs, and work tirelessly to deliver quality repairs with your best interest in mind.

We serve a long list of industries that depend on hydraulic equipment and heavy machines. Our technicians have the knowledge and skills to provide repair services to various industries in Rochester, offering repair, mobile services, and maintenance programs. If you need a hydraulic hose, fitting, repair, or maintenance services in Rochester, you can find us at 6131 Rome Cir NW SUITE D.

Contact Custom Hose Tech today at (507) 888-0383.

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