Hydraulic Hose Preventative Maintenance

Frequent inspection of hydraulic hoses is necessary to avoid system failure. By examining hose covers and fittings and looking for leaks regularly, you can catch problems before they cause your equipment to grind to a halt. The more vigilant you are about inspecting hoses, the more dependable your machinery will be.

What are the benefits of preventative maintenance?

There are many benefits of hydraulic hose preventative maintenance. By being proactive, you can keep your equipment working efficiently and reduce the risk of costly and lengthy repairs down the road. Additionally, preventative maintenance can also minimize safety hazards for your employees.

What do signs of early hydraulic hose failure look like?

The experts at Custom Hose Tech are trained to look for all the early signs of hydraulic hose failure. Our technicians will check for work hose connectors, leaking, and wear and tear on the hose routing. When conducting preventative maintenance, you should also be on the lookout for twisted hoses, tight bends, hoses rubbing against each other or metal parts, kinks, lack of slack in the stockings, or hoses that are routed too close to high-temperature areas.

The traditional hydraulic hose repair model is reactive

The majority of people adopt a reactive attitude when it comes to hydraulic hose repair and maintenance. For instance, contractors will often wait until a hose has blown and caused work operations to stall before seeking out the help of a technician specializing in hose repairs. This approach puts contractors in several difficult situations that they can’t control, including:

  1. Price list for the closest hydraulic hose technician.
  2. The amount of time the crew is not working while on the job.
  3. Here, we will explore the amount of oil (in barrels) that is lost when hydraulic hoses unexpectedly fail.

Knowing the values of what is listed above makes it easier to operate your hydraulic machinery product productively or plan for a future time and budget budgeting with confidence.

Proactive hose maintenance scheduling should be a priority for companies, similar to how we maintain and service our cars. Proactive asset management of your hydraulics can reduce unplanned downtime by up to 85%, saving you time and money while maximizing the performance of your machines.

Why is proper and consistent preventative maintenance for hydraulic hoses crucial?

There are countless advantages to the pre-planned maintenance of hydraulic machinery. The most important outcome of this preventative measure is an increase in productivity and profitability. Other benefits include:

  • You can avoid unexpected failures and unplanned downtime by using high-quality hoses.
  • Save money on emergency fees for hose technicians.
  • We need to reduce the amount of oil lost onsite to protect the environment.

Scheduled maintenance programs for hydraulic machinery are essential to keep the machine running properly and prevent issues before they occur. This process includes regularly replacing damaged tracks, dirty oil, and leaky rams, but many companies need to remember the importance of maintaining hydraulic hoses. Companies can avoid significant downtime and expenses by being proactive with hose repair and replacement instead of waiting for a problem.

Our expert technicians are experienced in working with hydraulic systems and can prevent issues before they start. Our modern mobile service trucks come fully equipped with everything needed to replace hoses, fittings, and connectors, so your system downtime will be minimal.

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If you’re having issues with your hydraulic hoses, Custom Hose Tech can help. We can inspect your hoses, identify compatibility problems with fluids and pressures, re-route hoses to reduce future issues, and perform necessary replacements and repairs. Contact Custom Hose Tech today Call us to learn more about how our hydraulic hose preventative maintenance program can benefit your business!

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