Hydraulic Hose Pickup & Delivery

If you need to connect point “A” with point “B”, we have what you’re looking for. The hose might carry air, hydraulic fluid, or something else entirely. Compressed gases and liquids can provide direct force in a way that other mechanisms, such as chains and gears, cannot. Pneumatic and hydraulic lines have some special considerations regarding maintenance, particularly where the hoses, fittings, connectors, and couplings join them together or attach them to equipment.

The types of hoses and fittings we carry include:

Our shop has lines and hoses that are practically usable for any industry application you may need–up to a one-inch diameter. This includes airlines and plastic pneumatic tubing that can withstand 120psi or 175psi pressure levels, respectively. Custom Hose Tech team is also experienced in dealing with 300 psi lines surged up to 1000 psi. We carry various hydraulic hoses and fittings in many different sizes. We can customize your hose assembly to the length you need with the proper fittings. Our steel-braided hoses meet standard ISO and industry requirements for their application.

We have various hoses and fittings from Coulometric, including flat-faced fittings. We can help you find the proper hose assembly for your Parker Hannifin, Goodyear, Aeroquip, or Eaton Weather headline or fitting application.

At Custom Hose Tech, we specialize in finding the perfect hydraulic or pneumatic fittings for your needs.

Custom assemblies while you wait

We specialize in quick turnarounds and can often have your new or repaired hose and connector assembly ready while you wait. Most we can make within 15 minutes. We also carry hard-to-find ends, like British, German, and Japanese varieties.

Hydraulic hose and pneumatic line applications we see most often.

We provide hydraulic and pneumatic hoses, fittings, and other components for various applications. Listed below are some examples.

  • The Toro (FFoR) and CAT (FL series) flat-face fittings have an O-ring boss.
  • Non-DOT Approved hydraulic hoses for truck companies (power steering and brake system)
  • Municipalities frequently utilize snowplow hydraulic lines and couplings.
  • One of the reasons customers love our campers is because they can easily connect them to their car. Whether for the second or third shift or if you want to do your work, this won’t be a problem!
  • Airline for food processing
  • Airdrop lines for shop air
  • Industrial air systems line

Top tips to watch out for with hydraulics

High-quality products in hydraulic hose and pneumatic lines contribute to a well-running system, but installation and environmental factors also play a role.

The following are the primary reasons operators must replace and regularly maintain hydraulic hoses, lines, fittings, and connectors.

  • Avoid routing around sharp corners or making too many bends in hydraulic or pneumatic lines, as this can cause wear and tear on the hose or tubing.
  • Select your fittings carefully to ensure they are appropriate for the job. Consider aspects such as pressure, frequency of use, and environmental or corrosive agents that may impact the lifespan of the fitting.
  • Know the pressure fluctuations throughout your system. Go for devices that can handle high demand instead of those meant only for average use.
  • If hose and line materials are exposed to high temperatures or extreme temperature changes, they will break down more quickly.
  • Extreme or sudden changes in temperature can damage hydraulic and pneumatic hoses.
  • Chemical resistance: The leaching solvents, caustics, and other fluid or gas media inside and outside the lines attack rubber and other elastomeric materials used to construct hydraulic and pneumatic lines (e.g., O-ring seals, lining, casing, sheaving, woven fiber reinforcement).
  • Did you know that not all hoses can carry a vacuum? This is often the cause of pneumatic line failures.

Contact Custom Hose Tech for Hydraulic Hose Preventative Maintenance

To Contact Custom Hose Tech, please call us at (952) 888-5580, or you can visit our office at 9323 Garfield Ave. S. Bloomington, MN 55420.

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