Hydraulic DIN Fittings and Metric Varieties At Custom Hose Tech

The Metric Advantage at Custom Hose Tech

No one surpasses Custom Hose Tech when it comes to mastering metric hydraulic fittings. Any business which relies on imported machinery from worldwide manufacturers can rely on Custom Hose Tech’s experience in the widely diversified world of metric fittings. Metric hydraulic fittings are a complex category ranging far beyond the basic specification differences between SAE and metric.

Fittings for foreign-made equipment may be properly classified as “metric”, but the metric designation is just the very general category which includes an enormous variety of sub-categories all of which vary by manufacturer and the country of origin. Metric thread types are manufactured in variations including:

  • German Metric- DIN which stands for Deutsches Institut für Normung (German Institute of Standards)
  • Japanese Metric
  • British
  • Japanese British
  • French GAZ
  • British Flat face

To complicate matters further when dealing with metrics, hydraulic systems from manufacturers from every corner of the world use countless different types of different fittings with varying thread types, adapters, and sealing methods. Thread forms frequently appear to be the same making visual identification difficult, especially when timely repairs need to be made to prevent costly downtime. Identifying the fitting required can be accomplished by using the process of elimination recommended by our industry-leading supply partner Parker.

Permanent vs Reusable Fittings

The Parker elimination method begins by determining if the fitting is permanent or reusable. Reusable, or field attachable fittings, have fallen out of favor and are considered to be obsolete technology because they are usually more expensive, less reliable, and more time consuming during the assembly process. These are the fittings which fit right on to the hose end and are attached with a wrench and a vise.

Permanent crimped fittings are more cost-effective and much more reliable for fluid power industrial applications. Our expert fitting technicians have the crimping and swaging equipment required for reliable permanent fitting fabrication and installation.

Fitting Ends and Port Connections

In the fitting identification process, correctly matched fitting ends and port connections are critically important. In any high-pressure hydraulic or gas handling system mismatches simply can’t be tolerated due to the safety hazards and performance issues they can cause. In the world of hydraulic fittings, there is no such thing as “close enough”. Perfect connections are needed to maintain proper operating pressures, prevent loss of fluids, avoid fluid contamination, and preserve pump operating life cycles.

You’ll need to distinguish the fitting you need from a long list of possible fitting thread types including:

  • Metric Taper
  • SAE Straight Thread
  • ISO 6149
  • JIS-B2351
  • DIN Metric
  • 4-Bolt Flange

Fittings must further be identified by mating configuration:

  • 37⁰ Flare
  • 30⁰ Flare (Metric)
  • 45⁰ Flare
  • 24⁰ Flareless (SAE)
  • 24⁰ Flareless (DIN)
  • 30⁰ Flare (BSPP)
  • O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS)
  • 60⁰ NPSM Swivel
  • 60⁰ Cone (BSPP)
  • 60⁰ Cone (Metric)


Identifying Fitting Threads

You’re not quite ready to select a fitting for your hose repair yet. The last identification required is the thread type. For male threads, you’ll need a caliper to measure the largest point of the outside diameter and to measure the inside diameter of female threads.

A thread gauge will be needed to tell you the number of threads per inch. The thread gauge requires good lighting and an expert eye to determine a perfect match. Any light creeping through indicates a mismatch between the fitting being checked and the thread template on the gauge. Again, thread identification must be 100% accurate to prevent fitting damage and ensure safety and performance at operating pressures.

If you have any doubt about the technical expertise required for 100% accurate fitting identification to make sure your repairs are done right the first time, the hydraulic fitting experts at Custom Hose Tech are just a phone call away.

Mastering Metrics With Custom Hose Tech

If you’re thinking the world of metric fittings is a complex engineering maze you’re not alone. We’d agree that hydraulic maintenance and industrial repairs would certainly be simplified by a world metric standard but that’s not likely to happen anytime in the near future. That’s why we’ve been selected to team up with companies that sell and service machines and equipment covering the full range of metric variations. If your company relies on equipment from any of the foreign suppliers below, you can rely on the metric experts at Custom Hose Tech to keep your hydraulic systems up and running.

  • Komatsu
  • Grove
  • Demag
  • Kobelco
  • Liebherr
  • Bomag
  • JCB
  • Volvo
  • Daewood
  • Fiatallis
  • Case
  • Kubota
  • Finlay
  • Samsung
  • Hiab
  • Toyota
  • Takeuchi
  • Toshiba
  • To name just a few!

About Custom Hose Tech

If you’re operating in the Twin Cities region of Minnesota you can rely on the expert technicians at Custom Hose Tech for all of your industrial hydraulic and pneumatic hose and fitting needs. Whether your equipment originated in Japan, Germany, Australia, or right here in the good old USA, Custom Hose Tech is partnered with the OEM suppliers to acquire and install the hydraulic parts you need.

If OEM parts are no longer available for older legacy equipment our Custom Fabrication shop can utilize your original parts to produce small batch reproductions that keep you up and running. Our Custom Fab service is perfect for proprietary adapters and fittings and non-standard custom applications.

We can handle anything from twin line hoses and hose reels for your forklifts to 10,000 psi industrial jack repairs. Our store carries the full inventory of hydraulic system products such as durable thermoplastic hose, 100R5 high-temp airbrake hose, and non-conductive hose for high voltage and vehicle-mounted aerial devices. We carry high-pressure gauges up to 15,000 psi, and high-pressure ball valves for the most demanding industrial hydraulic applications.

Mobile Service Throughout the Twin Cities

Custom Hose Tech is proud to offer emergency field service, usually within one hour, to help keep your downtime to a minimum. Our expert technicians are on call 24/7, operating a large mobile fleet of well-stocked trucks strategically located throughout the Twin Cities area. We also offer free pick up and delivery for replacement hoses to save your company time and money, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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