Get Your Winter Equipment Ready with Quick Disconnects

In the words of the esteemed House Stark, “Winter is Coming.” Already the leaves have faded from summer green to the crisp golds and russets of fall. The air is crisp, and frosty dew covers car windshields here in Minnesota. That means it’s time to dust off your winter equipment and prep it for use.

Here at Custom Hose Tech, we offer everything you need to install quick disconnects on your skids, salt trucks, plows, and more. Quick disconnects make it easier to fuel up during the cold of winter. In this guide, we’ll explain what quick disconnects are, how to use them, and how we can help you find the perfect quick disconnects for your winter gear.

What Are Quick Disconnects?

Also known as quick release couplings, quick disconnects allow you to access fluid lines in your equipment without cumbersome tools.

Quick disconnects are especially useful in the winter when the last thing you want to do is take your gloves off to fiddle with metal tools. They simplify your experience with your equipment, allowing you to more easily care for your skids, salt trucks, and plows without taking them to a specialist every time you need to change out your fluid.

Installing & Using Quick Disconnects

Whether you need to replace an existing quick disconnect on your equipment or you’re hoping to install a new one, we can help.

Installing quick disconnects takes an expert touch. If you need a quick disconnect installed on your salt truck, snow plow, or skid, we recommend you bring your vehicle in so that we can ensure proper installation. Fluid lines are no joke, and this isn’t a time for DIY vehicle maintenance.

Luckily, once quick disconnects are installed, they are easy to use. In addition to providing easy access to your fluid lines, they also help prevent fluid leakage. This means that you’ll have fewer issues with your fluid lines going forward, and the issues you do have you can likely handle yourself.

Quick disconnects are all a little different, depending on what they’re being used for. We are happy to show you how to use your quick disconnect when you come in for installation.

How We Can Help You With Quick Disconnects

When purchasing quick disconnects, it’s important to understand the specifications of your equipment. There are a number of types of quick disconnects, including:

  • Ball latching quick disconnects
  • Non-latching quick disconnects
  • No shut-off quick disconnects
  • Single shut-off quick disconnects
  • Double shut-off quick disconnects
  • Dry break quick disconnects

Each of these quick disconnects is ideal for different types of vehicles and different types of situations.

To ensure your quick disconnect will work for you, it’s important not only to know what size the disconnect needs to be but also the type of fluid it will be coming into contact with. This is because quick disconnects come in different materials, each of which is designed with specific fluids in mind.

At Custom Hose Tech, we are trained not only to understand your vehicles, but also to understand your particular needs. We make recommendations on quick disconnects for your equipment based on size, durability, location of use, and more.

We understand that customers have different needs. Our job is to help you find the perfect quick disconnects for your needs.

Contact Us Today For All Your Needs

Here at Custom Hose Tech, we’re excited to help you get your equipment ready for the upcoming winter. Installing quick disconnects allows you to provide more convenient vehicle maintenance on your winter skids, plows, and more. Ultimately, this will save you time and money. To discuss your specific quick disconnect needs, contact one of our experts today.

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