Fixing Hydraulic Hose Fitting Problems with Mobile and Custom Solutions

Businesses using hydraulic systems in their day-to-day operations understand how important it is to reduce downtime from repairing or replacing their hydraulic hoses and fittings. This is especially true when system operators are trying to fix hydraulic systems with unusual metrics or non-standard hoses and fittings. One source businesses can look toward for help is a hydraulic hose fitting technician service with mobile and custom solutions.

Common Hydraulic Hose and Fitting Problems:

Hydraulic hoses are differentiated by their ability to withstand pressure and temperature. Both low and high pressure and temperature hydraulic systems are equally susceptible to damage and failure; the SAE‘s commons reasons for this are shared in an article found on Hydraulics & Pneumatics:

  • flexing the hose to less than the specified minimum bend radius
  • twisting, pulling, kinking, crushing, or abrading the hose
  • operating the hydraulic system above maximum or below minimum temperature
  • exposing the hose to rapid transient rises (surges) in pressure above the maximum operating pressure, and
  • intermixing hose, fittings, or assembly equipment not recommended as compatible by the manufacturer or not following the manufacturer’s instructions for fabricating hose assemblies.”

Whether from wear, an accident, or misapplication, hydraulic hoses and their fittings need repair and replacement periodically. This repair can turn into costly downtime for businesses if they:

    • don’t have the backup parts to replace damaged hoses and fittings
    • don’t have the expertise to diagnose or fix the problem
    • don’t have the expertise or tools to fabricate a custom solution
    • don’t know the compatibility of different hoses and fittings
    • hire a service with limited mobile capabilities
    • hire a service with limited parts in stock
    • hire a service with limited custom fabrication capabilities

What Businesses Want and Need from a Hydraulic Hose Fitting Technician Service

Every small and large operation using hydraulic systems has vendors, partners, and services supporting their business in some capacity. One of these service partners is the hydraulic hose fitting technician service.

With preventative maintenance and observance of industry standards for application, system operators can prolong the life of their hydraulic hoses and fittings, yet eventually they’ll need or want the help of an expert technician that focus on fixing hydraulic hoses, fittings, and quick couplers.

When this need occurs, businesses will want and need their hydraulic hose fitting technician service to have these attributes:

    • 24/7 emergency availability
    • has expanded expertise with hose and fitting manufacturers
    • custom fabrication capabilities
    • unusual metric and non-standard capabilities
    • honest with ETA and availability
    • has needed parts in stock
    • uses only compatible solutions
    • ability to accurately diagnose issues
    • adheres to pressure and temperature ratings
    • communicates repair details well
    • ability to assess upgrade opportunities
    • able to fix most issues on-site with mobile solutions
    • offers preventative maintenance programs
    • gets the job done quickly without sacrificing quality
    • affordable

Essentially, businesses want their daily operations to continue with as little downtime as possible while ensuring their hydraulic systems are running smoothly and near peak efficiency. The quality of the hydraulic hose fitting technician service is the key to accomplishing these goals of operational continuity when related problems occur.

Why Mobile Service Capabilities are Key

The quality of the hydraulic hose fitting service can be gauged in large part by their mobile service capabilities. The more they can accomplish on-site the better, especially for businesses trying to reduce downtime due to hydraulic system repair.

While many services do offer 24/7 emergency repair, they often fail to repair or replace damaged hydraulic hoses and fittings on-site within the first visit. Maybe this is because they don’t have expanded storage capabilities within their mobile units, or maybe they don’t have custom fabrication capabilities; whatever the reason, the result is costly downtime for businesses.

The key is to find a hydraulic hose fitting technician service that has expanded mobile storage and custom fabrication capabilities. For instance, Custom Hose Tech, located in the Twin Cities, has these mobile capabilities to offer local businesses in Minnesota:

    • Custom non-standard fabrication on-site
    • Bin filling
    • Prototyping
    • 24/7 responsive emergency field service
    • Preventative maintenance
    • One hour or less response time promise
    • On-site capabilities range: 1/8 to 2 inches in diameter, 5,000 PSI hoses, fittings, and quick couplers

Wherever businesses are located, they should carefully consider who they hire as their hydraulic hose fitting technician service. If the service has mobile capabilities like Custom Hose Tech does in Minnesota, they’ll benefit from their expanded service capabilities and be able to reduce costly hydraulic system downtime.

Solving the Complexities with Fixing Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings

Fixing hydraulic hoses and fittings quickly and effectively is an important part of maintaining continuity with business operations. Industries using hydraulic systems have different needs and expectations with their equipment, yet all share the common objective of being productive; when hoses and fittings are fixed or replaced quickly and effectively, businesses will meet this objective.

One of the main hindrances businesses face in realizing this goal is solving the complexities involved with repairing hoses and fittings. Fixing hydraulic hose fittings can be complex with 16 different hose types (100R1 through 100R16), three layers of construction (tube, reinforcement, cover), a multitude of fittings, multiple manufacturers, SAE standards that aren’t enforced, unusual metrics, non-standard hoses and fittings, and various industry settings to deal with.

And, as the Hydraulics & Pneumatics article mentioned earlier points out:

“Proper sizing and use of the correct type of hose will certainly extend the life of a hose assembly…”

An article found on Thomas called “Hydraulic Hose Applications”, explains the complexities involved with choosing the right type of hose:

“Hydraulic hose users have a number of temperature, size and pressure factors to consider when choosing a hose for an application. There is a helpful acronym to track all of these considerations – STAMPED.

    • Size…
    • Temperatures…
    • Application…
    • Material…
    • Pressure…
    • Ends…
    • Duplication (or Delivery)…”

Solving these complexities is what businesses want their hydraulic hose fitting technician service to accomplish, preferably with quick and effective service on their first visit using their expanded mobile capabilities. For local businesses located in the Twin Cities area, this means contacting Custom Hose Tech to repair, upgrade, and maintain all their hydraulic hose fitting needs.

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