Custom Hose Tech: The Answer to Vital Hydraulic Hose Questions

In the hydraulic hose industry, it’s never one size fits all, and there are questions you should ask hydraulic hose companies. At Custom Hose Tech, we’re committed to delivering the hydraulic hose assemblies that are right for every customer’s application. Life span and performance are two main factors in selecting hydraulic hose assemblies.

What is the Expected Life Span of Hydraulic Hoses?

The answer to this question will vary depending on an application’s operation conditions, as explained Machine Design, with “ambient temperature, pressure and the type of hydraulic fluid,” having impacts on the lifespan of a hydraulic hose assembly. As the article further reports, determining a hydraulic hose assembly lifespan is never easy, and “the best tool to prolong life and predicts failures is an adequate maintenance program” that will address the fluid’s cleanliness and visual hose appearance. These are part of the most common causes of hydraulic hose failures.

Answer: Custom Hose Tech offers preventive maintenance programs, and our goal is to work with the schedule that is best for our customers to keep your operation flowing as long as possible.

What is the Most Important Factor Before Replacing Hydraulic Hoses?

The answer is clear, only use the recommended hydraulic hose by the manufacturer. Never replace hydraulic hose assemblies with anything but the exact fit, because that’s the only fit.

It’s vital to understand STAMPED that stands for “Size, Temperature, Application, Material, Pressure, Ends, and then Delivery.” It is “the go-to standard.” An excellent resource for a detailed explanation of the STAMPED methodology is on Hose Assembly Tips.

Answer: Custom Hose Tech can help you with the metrics and methodology because we have the experience and expertise you want. We also offer custom fabrication with only the highest quality process.

What is the Best Way to Get the Best Hydraulic Hose Performance?

As found on FOR Construction, “equipment operators and technicians can reduce, if not eliminate, premature hydraulic hose failure by giving maximum consideration to hose assembly selection and installation.” And yes, there are many brands for selection.

Referring back to Hose Assembly Tips, when you have to replace a hose, it’s better to replace the entire assembly. “Nine times out of 10, they’re not that expensive and for your safety, for your machine reliability, for protection of the environment of hose having to break and spill oil all over your field or your plant, it’s just not worth it.”

Answer: Custom Hose Tech offers mobile service with highly-skilled technicians to fit, repair, and replace for the best hose assembly selection, fit, and installation.

What Happens with Brand Mix and Match?

You should never mix and match different manufacturers’ hydraulic hoses and fittings. It’s imperative that the threads match. By having an incorrect thread match can result in early hydraulic hose assembly failures. The proprietary fit is the only fit for the best performance.

Answer: Custom Hose Tech delivers complete hose and fittings through our pickup and delivery service.

Custom Hose Tech: The Answer to Every Hydraulic Hose Question

We’re here to answer all your questions you may have when it comes to hydraulic hose assemblies. Why worry, when we have all the solutions you need. Let the experts at Custom Hose Tech deliver and handle everything you need when it comes to hydraulic hose products, maintenance, repairs, and emergency services.

The team at Custom Hose Tech is proud to offer exceptional products and services, and we’re striving to deliver the best customer service, even with the COVID-19 crisis. During this critical time, it is our commitment to our customers to deliver and work in the safest manner possible. Let’s all stay connected with the updates that are important to us all.

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