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Your hydraulic system is only strong as your weakest industrial hose. This statement applies to a hydraulic system and any system or equipment that uses hoses. While every hose you have seen may look identical to the next, they are all unique in their own ways.

In today’s demanding work environments with increasing pressures, chemical compositions, and temperatures, choosing the right industrial hose and fittings for the job can certainly be a challenge. In a multi-billion dollar industry, it can be difficult to know which of many industrial hose and fitting options is the one you need for a particular job.

The task of selecting the right one becomes even more complicated knowing that making the wrong selection is one of the most common reasons for hose and fittings failure. Choosing the wrong industrial hose can lead to breakdowns, leaks, and the complete failure of your system or equipment.

Failures in your industrial hoses or fittings can result in a major mess of hydraulic fluid that someone will be responsible for cleaning up. These failures can also present major safety hazards to those in the workplace. To choose the right industrial hose, you will need to take the right approach to numerous parameters.

Types of Industrial Hose Fittings?

Hose fittings, also known as hose connectors, are couplings that are used to attach hoses to pressurized water outlets or air of different types. Hose fittings are extremely versatile and highly sophisticated, and they are used for a variety of applications in industrial, commercial, and residential settings.

The media that passes through industrial hoses and fittings can be solid, liquid, or air. Hose fittings, like many other devices, are typically assigned a gender: male (insertion) or female (encirclement). The gender assigned to the hose fitting refers to how each fitting attaches to the hose and each other.

How Can I Choose The Right Industrial Hose Fitting?

Identify the Type of Fitting  You Need

When you know the type of fitting and thread your hose will require, you will be able to eliminate some of the hassles. It does not matter if you need an O-ring type for high-pressure applications or if you are dealing with an international thread, you will need to have specific specifications. Once you have a better understanding of what your industrial hose fitting looks like and you know what type of thread you are dealing with, you will be able to take additional steps.


It is important to have all the measurements completed before you select an industrial hose fitting. If you are replacing a fitting, measure the old one.  Industrial hoses will cover distances between devices, machines, vehicles, etc. The inside diameter will need to be determined according to the intended purpose.


Industrial hoses transfer gases, liquids, and steams of different temperatures. Industrial hose fittings need to adhere to strict standards when it comes to temperature. The temperature your industrial hose fittings need to withstand may be more than what some fittings may have been designed for. When you know the conditions your hose fittings will need to withstand, you will be able to choose the fittings that will survive even the toughest conditions.


When choosing industrial hose fittings, it is important to consider the materials and applications. There are different materials you will need to be familiar with when it comes to industrial hose fittings: the industrial hose fitting material and the liquid material running through the industrial or hydraulic machinery. What will be the application of the industrial hose? What system will you be using?

Different hose fittings are manufactured for different applications. If you are not positive which industrial hose and fitting you will need, it is better to ask for professional advice. At Custom Hose Tech, we offer the industrial hoses and fittings you need. We can give you the extensive advice you need about selecting the right hose fitting for your needs.

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