Benefits of Choosing Custom Hose Tech in Those Crucial Moments

Perhaps you have been a similar situation. It is 3 p.m. on a Friday afternoon, and you are about 30 minutes away from completing a very large contract on an earth moving job. If you can complete this job before 5 p.m. you bring it in under budget and collect a bonus.

Then disaster strikes. One of the main hydraulic hoses on your dozer ruptures, and the job comes to an abrupt halt.

This job will spill over into Monday, and possibly into the next week while you wait on a replacement hose. The main problem is that the particular piece of equipment you are using, is not one of the ‘more heard of’ brands and the required hose has its own quirks that nobody seems to be able to handle its replacement without a direct order to the manufacturer… in Indonesia.

Now you aren’t going to get the bonus, and you aren’t real sure if you are going to get paid at all.

How to Avoid This Scenario

This is the stuff that earth moving contractors nightmares are made of. We can eliminate this all together. We are Custom Hose Tech. Our name says it all… Custom Hose Tech. We can provide you with a customized replacement hose for your equipment, with all of its quirks… on site!

We bring the hose building facility to your job site, fabricate the hose for your specific piece of equipment, and get your machine back up and running, so you can collect those ‘on-time, under budget’ bonuses that you have built your company on!

Custom Hoses From Trusted Names

Our mobile hydraulic replacement hose service is designed to provide you with the very best, and the very latest hydraulic hose replacement service available today. We take the parts from the trusted names and fabricate them to your custom hose needs, on site, on time, every time!

Our mobile hydraulic replacement hose service is available in the Twin Cities area, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We understand the importance of getting your machine back to doing what you do best. Your company is centered around customer satisfaction, ours is no different. We give you that opportunity to be able to bring in those jobs, on time and under budget.

Your equipment may have certain metrics that just aren’t available at any hose house you’ve tried in the past. That is why our name is Custom Hose Tech.  We fabricate each hose from scratch. We customize each hose to fit the machine, no matter how intricate, or how unusual the application, Custom Hose Tech is your Go-To Hose house now!

Now That We Have Earned Your Trust…

So, when that above Friday afternoon situation gets handled, and you are back at your office looking at that nice bonus your company just made, give this a thought…

Custom Hose Tech will go above and beyond what any other parts house will in terms of fitting your machine with quality hydraulic replacement hoses… ON SITE! But, we also have a top-notch preventative maintenance program to extend the life of that bonus winning equipment parked in your yard!

Mobile Hydraulic Replacement Hose Service… and Preventative Maintenance? Yes we do. That is a win-win for you, your company, and your next earth moving contract. Custom Hose Tech is more than a mobile and walk-in repair service. We are a selling point that will allow your company the level of success that your competitors can only dream of. Why not give the team at Custom Hose Tech the opportunity to do for you what you do for your customers? Deliver solutions!

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