9 Signs You Are Dealing with True Hydraulic Hose Fitting Experts

The hydraulic hose fitting landscape is continually growing and evolving. Market researchers project continued growth of the global hydraulic hose and fitting market to continue through 2022, providing businesses with an increasing number of supplier options to fulfill their hydraulic hose fitting needs:

“Technavio analysts forecast the global hydraulic hose and fittings market to grow at a CAGR of approximately 5% during the period 2018-2022, according to their latest market research report. Technological enhancements is one of the major trends being witnessed in the global hydraulic hose and fittings market.”


Jesse Maida, Technavio Research 

While this market expansion provides business owners with a larger number of vendor choices, it will become more important than ever for quality-minded business owners to identify the true industry experts. Fortunately, there are some qualities shared by the industry’s most accomplished hose fitting providers. Below are nine qualities shared by true hydraulic hose fitting experts.

1) They are proud to showcase their expertise

Hydraulic hose fitting experts are eager to share their knowledge and help others with their needs. Whether they are the owner of a hose fitting business, a mobile service technician, or a manufacturer representative, hose fitting experts share a passion for custom hose fittings.

2) They welcome unusual metrics

True experts in the hydraulic hose fitting industry possess expertise in a diverse range of metrics. Rather than shying away from non-standard metrics, hose fitting gurus welcome a change of pace from common fittings. Here are a few examples of the unique metrics that hose fitting experts welcome:

  • German Metrics
  • British Metrics
  • Japanese Metrics
  • French GAZ
  • Japanese (British) Metrics
  • British Flatface Metrics

3) They are perfectionists at torquing fittings

“Installation torque is critically important to ensure a proper leak-free seal. Over-torquing a threaded connection can stretch and damage threads and seat angles. It can also damage the staking area of a nut or possibly break a bolt on the port area. Under-torquing does not allow proper sealing.”

Tim Deans, Engineer, Gates Global Hydraulic Systems

Many different types of hose fittings exist. In addition to a strong working knowledge of the various fitting types, hose fitting experts know the calculations to use to determine how much torque your hydraulic threads can take without deforming the metal or damaging the fitting. They know how important it is not to exceed or fall short of the recommended torque, as this could destroy the threads or fittings.

4) They can easily recognize hose fittings from a single photo

It is not uncommon for manufacturers to be unable to determine the make or model or a hydraulic hose fitting. Technicians with expertise in the hydraulic hose fitting industry can often look at a single photo of an old or worn hose fitting and pinpoint the manufacturer, thereby enabling them to provide a replacement or manufacture an exact replica.

5) They know all about foreign-made fittings and American-made fittings

Today’s global economy has spurred the continued emergence of foreign hose fitting manufacturers. Hydraulic hose fitting specialists are proud of their expertise in a diverse array of fittings. They sell and replace hose fittings on foreign equipment as well as American-made equipment, and make it a point to stay abreast of global newcomers to the hose fitting market. As a result of their extensive international market expertise, they often have solid relationships with equipment manufacturers across the globe.

6) Their expertise extends across industries

Seasoned hose fitting specialists are comfortable serving customers in a wide variety of industries. They know which manufacturers are popular within specific industries and are familiar with the most common industry-specific challenges that arise. Here is a look at some of the many industries that require the skill of hose fitting specialists:

  • Agricultural
  • Construction
  • Mining and quarrying
  • Transportation
  • Military applications
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Rental companies

7) They will share money-saving tips with you

“Hydraulic hoses are literally the lifelines of most construction equipment. Nothing can grind productivity to a halt faster than a ruptured hose. A little time invested up front to monitor the condition of the hydraulic hoses and fittings can dramatically reduce expensive failures in the field.”

Curt Bennink, ForConstructionPros

Hydraulic hose fitting specialists are open and honest with customers. They will tell you if it makes more financial sense to repair a fitting or to replace it. They are often eager to provide maintenance tips and share suggestions that will help you extend the life of your hose fittings. In a nutshell, their goal is to help you properly maintain your hydraulic equipment at the most affordable cost.

8) They know the importance of precision machinery

There is no substitute for accuracy in the world of hydraulic hose fittings. Industry experts can find innovative solutions for clients who need to replace discontinued fittings. Whether they suggest small batch reproduction of unavailable fittings or brand new fittings, experts know that all fittings should be precision machined and constructed with high-quality silver. Shortcuts such as welding or soldering are not used, helping to ensure that each fitting is manufactured with the utmost precision.

9) They can usually provide help that other vendors are unable to provide

True hydraulic hose fitting experts are able to provide support and guidance when you were about to give up hope that you will find the fittings that you need. They can easily recognize outdated fittings, spot early signs of damage, and make valuable recommendations to help sustain your capital equipment.

Local hose fitting experts are only a phone call away

Finding a hydraulic hose fitting expert that is proficient in all of the areas outlined above is not easy. Fortunately, the Twin Cities are home to some of the industry’s leading hose fitting experts. The accomplished technicians with Custom Hose Tech are ready to diagnose your hose fitting issues and provide you with the replacement components you need to keep your productivity high. Please contact us to find out why our hydraulic hose fitting experts are the best of the best. We look forward to illustrating our expertise to you today!

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