8 Ways a Hydraulic Hose Fitting Technician Can Help Your Business Prosper

Enlisting the services of an experienced hydraulic hose fitting technician is one of the best steps you can take to ensure that your vehicles and machinery are kept in safe working order. In addition to providing emergency and preventive maintenance services, hose fitting technicians can provide a host of other services to keep your operations running smoothly. Below are eight ways a hydraulic hose fitting technician can help your business prosper.

1) Provide emergency services

“Allowing a leak to go unattended and unrepaired could cause significant damage to the entire system and leave a big hole in your wallet. Whether you are working with a farm tractor, a delivery truck or an industrial machine, the integrity of the hydraulic system is only as good as the quality of the hose.”

– Bent Harrison, Machinery Lubrication

Hydraulic hose fitting emergencies can strike at the most inopportune times. When a hose fitting cracks or breaks, you should seek assistance immediately or you run the risk of also causing damage to your hydraulic hose. Leading hose fitting companies offer 24-hour emergency services to address your hose fitting problems. The on-call technicians who provide these services operate with a sense of urgency to help you resume business operations as quickly as possible.

2) Provide pickup and delivery of your fittings

Hose fitting technicians who offer pickup and delivery services can help your company save time and money. Rather than halting your operations while you remove your defective hose fittings and transport them to a hydraulic hose specialist for troubleshooting, technicians who offer mobile services will travel to your location to pick up your malfunctioning hoses and fittings. Upon completion of the repair and refabrication process, a technician can also return your restored hoses and fittings and confirm their compatibility with your equipment.

3) Educate customers about hose fittings

Client education is one of the most valuable services a technician can provide. Rather than simply tending to hose fitting problems or replacing parts, your technician can help you extend the life of your equipment and machinery. Here are a few of the few ways that a technician can help you care for your hydraulic hoses and fittings:

  • They teach customers how to recognize signs of damage or deterioration
  • They show customers how to care for their hoses and fittings
  • They educate customers about the frequency with which fittings need to be replaced

4) Serve as a brand expert 

“Not all fittings are compatible with all hose, even within the same brands. While fittings from one brand may “fit” on another brand’s hose, there is no guarantee that they will be compatible, and thus the best practice is to stick within a brand.”

– Vinny Endress, Progressive Dairyman 

Brand awareness is a quality that is deeply ingrained with hose fitting technicians. They are trained to recognize hoses and fittings to ensure that the replacement fittings you receive are a perfect match for your hydraulic hoses. A hose fitting technician can even provide customized fittings to replace fittings that are hard to find or no longer manufactured.

5) Offer diagnoses and hose fitting recommendations as appropriate

One of the responsibilities of a seasoned technician is to diagnose hose fitting problems and offer a recommended course of action. In the case of most problems with hydraulic hoses, there are three general courses of action that you can take to restore your equipment’s functionality. Your technician can evaluate a defective fitting and recommend one of the following courses of action:

  • Repair of the fitting
  • Replacement of the fitting
  • Repair or replacement of the fitting and the hydraulic hose

6) Handle your preventive maintenance needs

“Hydraulic hoses are literally the lifelines of most construction equipment. Nothing can grind productivity to a halt faster than a ruptured hose. A little time invested up front to monitor the condition of the hydraulic hoses and fittings can dramatically reduce expensive failures in the field.”

– Curt Bennink, Senior Field Editor of Equipment Today

The most effective measure you can take to preserve your equipment and machinery is to properly clean and maintain your hoses, fittings, and other equipment components. A trained technician can handle all of your preventive maintenance needs and even offer special labor rates or discounts if your service visits are scheduled in advance. Most important, your hose fitting technician will work with you to coordinate the time to service your equipment to ensure that you do not lose valuable production time.

7) Take your custom fabrication order

A trained hydraulic hose fitting technician is often able to provide small batch reproduction of hydraulic hose fittings that have been discontinued or are no longer available for purchase. Custom applications and proprietary fittings can also be manufactured, enabling the customer to continue to use existing equipment. In many cases, a technician can achieve these goals by using a customer’s original parts, enabling the customer to save time and money.

8) Provide other valuable services you may require

Top hydraulic hose fitting technicians often possess valuable expertise about products that are related to hose fittings. For instance, they are knowledgeable about valves, swivels, and pressure gauges. Technicians can also provide guidance on related elements such as hydraulic oil, quick couplers, and O-rings. They can make suggestions and recommendations on products that may help you optimize productivity. In short, hose fitting technicians can often provide expertise on a wide range of issues that may impact your company’s success.

How can you find the best hydraulic hose fitting technician?

As outlined above, hose fitting technicians perform a variety of vital roles to their customers. However, not all technicians are created equal. As you look for a trusted hydraulic hose fitting technician, be sure to seek an experienced provider that offers 24-hour emergency service, pickup and delivery of hose fittings, and preventive maintenance support. We invite you to contact us to find out why our hydraulic hose fitting technicians are the best in the Twin Cities area. We look forward to serving as your single source for all of your hydraulic hose fitting needs!

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